Profitable returns are sought in the deployment of all capital at Capital Progression, Inc.  Understanding macro trends in the Forex market, selling index credit spreads and exploiting price movement in the Commodity markets are just a few examples of how Capital Progression, Inc. looks to keep a diversified portfolio.  

Capital progression, inc.

Capital Progression, Inc.'s experience in short term Forex and Cryptocurrency trades as well monitoring international interest rates and Central Bank policies allow the flexibility to successfully trade in the currency and Crypto markets.

Trading covered calls and index credit spreads continues to be a core strategy for Capital Progression, Inc's capital appreciation.  Whether targeting macros trends or exploiting under/over-valued stock prices, allows Capital Progression Inc. to target short term and long term price fluctuations.



forex & Crypto

Covered calls in Crude, seasonal trends in the Ag market and hedging index futures are just a number of positions that Capital Progression, Inc. commonly uses to deploy capital conservatively.